Carl E. Roemer, Th.D.

Dr. Carl E. Roemer grew up in Chicago, attended the Illinois Institute of Technology there and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in physics. He decided then to enter the ministry and graduated with a Bachelor of divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary. He then did graduate work at the Friederich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany and received a Master of divinity degree.  Subsequently, he served four parishes in Detroit, Michigan and in New York State. During those sixteen years he matriculated into the doctoral program at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. When he decided that hospital chaplaincy was more suited to his temperament and abilities he had to put the writing of his doctoral dissertation on hold.

After four quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education he became certified as a chaplain and was accepted as a fellow in the Association of Professional Chaplains.  He served in chaplaincies in hospitals on Long Island, New York and later Director of Pastoral Care at the Greater Binghamton Health Center, Binghamton, New York.

During this time he completed his dissertation entitled Giving the Vineyard to Others: A Form and Redactional Critical Analysis of Mark 11 and 12 and he was awarded the Doctor of Theology. Subsequently, he then became an adjunct professor with the Judaic Studies Program at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He also taught at the Hartwick Institute of Theology, Oneonta, New York, at the Lutheran Mission Seminary in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Concordia University at Austin, Texas, and the Metropolitan New York Leadership Program. Since retirement he has served as interim pastor in five churches and taught numerous seminars in local churches and community forums.

These studies have grown out of one of the courses that he taught for ten years in the 1990’s at the university which was called “Jesus in Context.”  It was an interesting montage of students with whom he had the privilege to share his studies and perspectives: Jewish and Christian, black, white, and Asian, men and women, believers and non-believers!  It was always a surprise to see how each individual assimilated the data of the course as each wrote papers and took exams. It was a delight when some of them worked diligently and attained a thorough grasp of all the material and integrated it in interesting and provocative ways.  Those years are full of fond memories.

After he retired in 2003 the whole historical Jesus research had so grasped his imagination that he began to turn all the material into a book.  All of that work and effort would not lie fallow! 

Another impetus toward that end was hearing the frequent imprecise allusions to the world of Jesus in sermons based on the Gospels. So he was convinced that a book needed to be placed into the hands of preachers and laymen that would lay out as accurately as possible the historical, religious, and socio-economic dynamics of the world in which Jesus conducted his ministry.  So the first and subsequent books in this series became a reality.